“Fire in the Mountains 2016” What an Exciting Time!

I wanted to let you all know about our upcoming Fire in the Mountains Campmeeting! I can feel expectancy in the air as we are setting the atmosphere for the Glory of God to fall. Tonight we will be meeting in the sanctuary at 6:30 for prayer meeting and an hour before every service we will be meeting in the small sanctuary for prayer. Every revival has to be built on prayer! Our prayers will be centered around this weeks services. We are looking for God to lay a word so strong on the hearts of our speakers that they cannot rest until they deliver it. We are looking for signs and miracles, and most importantly people receiving salvation! We are laying the ground work and expecting God to show up and show off to the people who He assembles in this sanctuary! We are praying for you! We are interceding on your behalf that God will give you the breakthrough that you have been so desperately seeking. There have been pockets of revival that have been sparking all over Appalachia in the past few months and we are praying for one to spark here!

Fire in the Mountains is not about building up a particular church it’s about igniting “THE CHURCH!” It doesn’t matter to us what church you attend, or where you call home, come out this week and be refreshed and ignited. Let a fire begin in you that will spread to every person that you come in contact with!

Campmeeting will be starting on Wednesday, July 6th and concluding on Sunday night, July 10th (unless God says otherwise). Services Wednesday through Saturday will begin at 7:00. There will be 2 services on Sunday, one at 10:30 and another at 6:00. There will be anointed praise and worship in every service. Special guests include: Gerald Crabb, Steve Dobbs, Dan Stottlemyer, Eddie Hershman, and there will be many more guests joining us as the week progresses!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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