Tune In Tonight @ 7:00

WOW! What an awesome time we have been having this week at Fire in the Mountains Campmeeting! Tonight we are going to do something online that we have never done before. We are going to live stream the entire service. Many of you have been asking for us to stream the worship and tonight for the first time we are going to open up to our online congregation!

If for whatever reason you cannot be in the service tonight in Grafton, that doesn’t mean you cannot be part of the live service wherever you may be. We will be streaming live on facebook, youtube, and
Get connected tonight at 7:00 and experience what we are experiencing in the service.

Tonight I would like to see how many people we can get to log on and be part of the online congregation! Share this post will all your friends and family around the country and tell them to tune in tonight and be a part of Fire in the Mountains. This is the first time we have streamed the whole service so bare with us and leave comments to let us know that you enjoyed it!

Join in with us tonight for live worship and the word being brought by Gerald Crabb!

See you online!


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