Post Your Testimonies Here! 7-9-2015

These Signs Shall Follow the Believers!

Wow! We are having an awesome outpouring of the Holy Ghost this week! I’ve had so many people this week come to me and say, “I’ve never been in a church service like that before!” What is going on this week in Campmeeting should be the norm for our churches everywhere! We have seen people receive miracles and healing right in front of our eyes! We have seen dozens of people filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues! What is happening? God is moving in the midst of believers! This week ministers and congregations from dozens of different churches have been represented each night. We have been uniting with one agenda on our hearts, to see a move of God!

Mark 16:17 declares, “And these signs will follow those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues.” We have been seeing these signs manifest! Not because of a special speaker, but because believers are gathered together from all across the area and desiring to see a move of God and we are allowing Him to move. The scripture goes on to say, “…they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” We also have been seeing healing in nearly every service! In one service nobody was even laying hands on them, they were just walking to the front of the sanctuary to testify of what God had done in their bodies as they sat in that sanctuary! One man with a broken hip and pelvis from a recent car accident came in on crutches and left carrying them over his head praising God, healed by the miraculous power of God! Another testified of an open wound that had been healed in the service. One young man testified of a broken wrist that didn’t heal correctly, but in the service he felt the pain leave as he was healed! Glory to God alone!!!!

There were so many testimonies of people being healed and filled with the Holy Spirit, I cannot recall all of them. If you were in Campmeeting this year and received a healing, deliverance, or infilling of the Holy Spirit I would like you to write your testimony on this post in the comments. If you know someone who received something during Campmeeting that may not see this post, get it to them so they can testify of the wonderful things that He has done! It’s time that we let others see that these signs shall follow the believers!

Don’t forget, we still have 2 more nights! Tonight Pastor Welton Lane will be bringing forth the word, and tomorrow night Eddie James and his team will be with us again and I will be preaching. You don’t want to be miss one night!


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