Pastor Mike Stottlemyer

About Pastor Mike Stottlemyer

Pastor Mike Stottlemyer was born on January 23, 1980 in Cumberland, Md.  Even as a child people could see the call of God on his life. As a child, Mike helped his father and mother with the family’s tent ministry by setting up and tearing down of the portable sanctuary. Pastor Mike Stottlemyer preached his first sermon in January 1998 at the age of 18, then began to take the midweek service at the Potomac Valley Revival Center, the church in which his grandfather founded and is now pastored by Rev. David Stottlemyer.

On June 26, 1999 Mike married his wife Mandy, they work together by taking strongholds and ministering.  Soon Mike began to preach under the tents that for so many years he set up.  Along with other evangelists, Mike would help his father and mother in the ministry that they founded, Message of Freedom Tent Ministry. In March of 2000, Mandy gave birth to their first son, Michael Allen Stottlemyer III.

In May of 2001, Mike and Mandy felt the call to begin a church in a storefront in Cresaptown, MD.  In the first service there were 14 in attendance but the glory of God was present.  Eventually the church moved to Hyndman, PA about 10 minutes away.  God was preparing them for the plans that lied ahead.

In July 2002, Mandy gave birth to their second son, Isaiah James Stottlemyer. In August 2002, Mike felt the Lord was instructing him and his family to leave Hyndman and move to Bridgeport, WV to Pastor another church.  After nearly 2 years of preparation and training Mike launched Message of Freedom Church on February 3, 2004.  He went on with the name of the tent ministry that his father and mother had founded years earlier.

In June of 2004 Amanda gave birth to their third child, Anna Marie Stottlemyer.  In September 2005 God allowed Pastor Mike and his family to lay down some roots as they bought the present Message of Freedom Church in Grafton, WV. Since the time when Mike was called into the ministry, He has seen hundreds of souls come to the Lord with his “old fashioned” style preaching.  He has seen many healed by the miracle working power of God. Every week He can be found feeding the members of his growing congregation and seen on his weekly television broadcast. Pastor Mike Stottlemyer travels across the United States and to other countries preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.  There is still more to come…