Save Lives For Christ Ministry

Sis. Anne-Marie Sejour, Pastor Mike Stottlemyer, Pastor Richard Sejour

Pastor Richard & Anne-Marie Sejour are with “Save Lives For Christ Ministry.” They were both born and raised in Haiti. They moved to USA at different times in life. They both experienced similar things in their lives. When Pastor Richard died when he was 7 years old and in an unrelated time his wife, Sister Anne-Marie died at the age of 4. Both incidents was the results of their fathers being Voodoo Priests. They give all glory to God and Jesus Christ for raising them up and saving them to go back and help their home country Haiti with support in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, arrange for food to be given to the needy, prisoners, hospital patients, widows, and many more. They have help gets water wells to those who need it. They are doing a Great Work for Jesus Christ. Visit them at


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