He’s Alive 4/5/15

Happy Easter!

I wanted to take a moment to share a thought with you today. Did you know that we are serving a risen Christ!  That is what separates Christianity from every other religion in the world, our Christ is ALIVE!  There are a thought that I want you to think about when the devil tries to sow doubt and unbelief into your heart about the risen Christ.  Here is something that proves to me He is alive.  First of all, the change that took place in his disciples.  After Jesus was crucified they were cowering in fear. They were assembled in a room with the doors locked and the blinds pulled fearing that they would be next.  But then we see an undeniable dramatic change take place in them!  In the book of Acts, they are preaching the gospel and counting it a joy to suffer for Jesus. What could have made such a quick change in them? I believe it was nothing other than an encounter with a risen Christ! Only something like that could make such a huge change in a person’s life!  Think about the awesome change that could take place in your life if you would ever really encounter Him!


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