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Message of Freedom Church is a Full gospel, Bible-Believing, Holy Spirit – Filled church, located in the city of Grafton, West Virginia, among the picturesque mountains of Taylor County.

Our growing congregation is made up of people from various ages and walks of life.

In addition to church services, you’ll find that Message Of Freedom has groups for the whole family: Men’s, Women’s, Youth, and Children’s activities. We also take time for our community by reaching beyond the walls of the church.



-February 3, 2004 – We did not have a home church so Pastor Jim Nuzum allowed us to have our first service at his church, Bible Church of God in Wilsonburg, WV on a Tuesday evening.

-February 15, 2004 – We moved from the Bible Church of God into the Summit Park Fire Department in Clarksburg, WV

-June 6, 2004 – We moved our services to the Hammond United Methodist Church in Clarksburg, WV.  Pastor Kathy Ambler allowed us to lease the church until the Holy Spirit spoke in one of our Friday night prayer services and told us, He was about to move our ministry. Within a few weeks of that service God moved us to our present location.

-September 4, 2005 – Message of Freedom Church moved and was established in its present location in Grafton, WV. God allowed us to buy the former Faith Tabernacle for a fraction of its value.  God spoke to former Pastor Boylen that we were to have that church and made it possible for us to complete the purchase.

-Today – Message of Freedom Church is a ministry that is reaching souls for the kingdom by allowing the ministry to reach beyond our church walls.  Various ministries are housed within our church:  A weekly television broadcast that touches North-Central West Virginia, a tent ministry that touches the communities near and far, a website that touches the world and various international ministries that touch our church body.  He’s not done with us yet…


  1. Bro.Mike,I’m a christian and I’m disabled and I can’t get out to church a lot.
    I’m usually homebound all winter.I watch your program every Sunday.It is
    such a blessing.I was raised on your kind of preaching and I love it.Thank
    you so much.My husband gets out more than I and he was home one
    Sunday and he watched you and he said ,”That Preacher tells it like it is”
    Thank you so much for preaching the truth.God bless.
    Love in Christ,
    Ellen Loudin

    • Ellen, thank you so much for being connected to this ministry! I will be praying for your healing. Your comment was very encouraging…

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